Stewardship is the active and responsible management of entrusted resources now and in the longer term, so as to hand them on in better condition.

Do your family, business leaders, shareholders and the board have the mindset to balance short term outcomes with long term goals?



The Family as Stewards of the business as well as the family provide a foundation for the long term.  To build Stewardship in the Family we:

o  Evaluate where they are now through assessments and interviews

o Educate to the Principles of Stewardship

o Educate to increase the understanding of the business and the organizational culture

o Create a Family Charter and a Family Council

Create an understanding of the 12 types of owners and identify each individual's Ownership Journey

o Take each Family Member on their individualized Ownership Journey

o Create the Family "Why" Statement

o Train in business tools, including simulations to experience shareholder and board processes

o Conduct exercises in creativity and innovation in order to continue the legacy of entrepreneurial spirit

o Engage the family around high impact philanthropy



Business Leadership

The Business Leaders as Stewards balance the short term goals and metrics with the long term vision.  To build Stewardship in the Business Leadership we:

o Educate to understand the difference between Leadership and Stewardship in the organization

o Develop an understanding of the current culture and climates in the organization using individually designed assessments

o Develop and implement the Stewardship training throughout the organization

o Imbed the Stewardship Principles in the organization

o Work with the Board of Directors to balance the short term and long term horizons



The Shareholders are the linchpin of Stewardship of the Family and the Business.  To build Stewardship in the Shareholders we:

o Educate to the Principles of Stewardship

o Increase understanding of the role of Shareholders in the strategic direction of the business

o Educate in the roles and responsibilities of a Board of Directors

o Educate about the Stewardship culture and climate

o Create or revitalize the Board of Directors

o Mold the business culture to follow the Stewardship Principles

o Engage the Shareholders, the Family and Business Leadership in a shared vision

o Translate the Family "Why" into the "What" and the "How"

o Create and implement the succession plan for the Business Leadership and the Shareholders


Our Process

Our process includes:

o Evaluation of where they are now through individualized assessments and interviews

o Educate to the Principles of Stewardship

o Identify the desired state, where the Stakeholders want to go and what they want from the business and for the family

o Design the pathway and Action Plan for coordinated success

o Commit to and execute the plan

o Measure progress and celebrate success