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Lead to the Future, LLC

Our Story

We help Privately-held and Family-owned business grow and sustain themselves for the long term.

We help you create Stewards of the Business.

We help you create Sustainable Businesses.

Meet the Team

Our unique team has designed Stewardship for Sustainability to enable business leaders to design and realize their best futures.

Stephanie Olexa PhD, MBA

Founder & CEO

Stephanie is an entrepreneur, scientist, executive coach and business consultant with extensive experience in a wide variety of business areas.  She is also a certified Family Business Advisor and a Leadership and Governance Fellow of National Association of Corporate Directors.

You can reach Stephanie at


Joe Kelly

Joe is a seasoned business professional with a goal of sharing and teaching best practices that he learned from his journey as a Founding Partner and President of a series of family businesses, work in multi-billion dollar organizations and as a licensed practitioner in Counseling Psychology.

You can reach Joe at JoeKelly@leadtothefuture.com

Seth Weber, Esq

Seth grew up in a Family Business but his passion for the law diverted his attention for 37 years, practicing first as a Bucks Count, Pa District Attorney then as an Assistant United States Attorney.  Currently he is a Professor at Villanova University and DeSales University.  His skill in Intellectual Property strategies, contracts law, environmental law and as a mediator are valuable assets to our clients.

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For more information about Lead to the Future, LLC, please visit our website at www.leadtothefuture.com or contact us at info@leadtothefuture.com

Stephanie Olexa

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